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New Playstation 4 Beta Firmware To be Released Tomorrow

Earlier this year, Sony said that they are going to open a closed-beta phase for their upcoming Playstation 4 major firmware update, version 4.0.

Sony is the type of company who wants to shell out beta phases to ensure that the final installment of things; in this case, the firmware, has its bugs ironed out and for some people to test out the new features as well.

The PS4’s Update 4.0 brings with it a host of new and welcome features. One of the major additions to the update is the new and improved user interface. The exact details of the user interface haven’t been announced yet, so it remains to be seen tomorrow.

Another major improvement is the quick menu alterations. When you press and hold the PS button, you will be given access to the quick menu. The idea is good but the problem is that the menu takes up the entire screen which meant that gamers would have to “leave” their games in order to set some things up.

That is not the case anymore with the new firmware update. The quick menu settings will not take over the entire screen so gamers can just quickly toggle some settings and get back to the game in an instant.

Not only that but players can tweak the quick menu settings as they see fit. They could add new shortcuts to online friends, the Playstation Store, among other things.

Ever get lost when navigating through your different files and games? The new update 4.0 will bring with it the folders option. Gone are the days where your games are placed in all places; you can now place them in their own specific folder for a cleaner and tidier interface.

On that note, the update will also make library sorting a lot easier. There will be new tabs that will be added to your main library: the Purchased Content and the Downloaded Content.

The former gives you the low-down of all of the content you have purchased from the Playstation Store; the latter gives you the rundown of all the games currently installed in your Playstation 4.

This alleviates the painful process of navigating towards a specific game you want to play because you are presented with only the games that are currently on your system and not the entire library of games.

Are you the type of Playstation 4 gamer that streams their content over popular media streaming websites? Then the patch 4.0 is for you!

The new patch update will bring with it a more robust sharing option. It now gives you the option to set a default streaming media so that you can stream your games directly towards that platform.

Furthermore, the share menu also doesn’t take up the entire screen now, giving you more room to look at your game while at the same time, browsing your shared content.

Since the update 4.0 will be released only as a part of their closed-beta phase, only the people who have signed up and were notified by Sony will be able to download and try this update.

Even if this is the case, hopefully, the beta testers will be able to try the features out and I hope that they will provide the necessary feedback in order for the Patch to be released for the majority of Playstation 4 users.

The Best Chest Exercises

When you look at either Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth, you know that you see their pecs are bulging like crazy. They look so hot and masculine, and you wish you could have that physique as well.

Well, I am here to tell you that their amazing physique can be possibly attained, with the right diet and with the right exercises of course. So today, we are going to take a look at some of the best chest exercises out there to maximize tension on your Chest in order for it to optimally grow.

So let’s get started with…

  1. Barbell Bench Press- The Barbell Bench press is considered to be one of the most alpha chest exercises in a chest exercise regimen. Why is that? You can easily load up on the weights when you are using the barbell. Also, barbells are much easier to spot than dumbbell bench presses, and they are relatively heavier as well.
  2. Dumbbell Bench Press- Dumbbell Bench presses are also great, even better than the barbell bench press because dumbbells are harder to control. This means that it recruits more stabilizer muscles to be able to perform the rep.
  3. Chest Dips- Chest dips are one of the chest exercises that really develops your chest muscles. To perform an optimal chest dip, lean forward slightly and put your feet behind you, and then do the repetitions. Make sure that you continue having that leaning motion as it is a very important factor when doing chest dips.
  4. Cable Flys- Do you want to have chest striations? Then this is the exercise that you should be doing! Cable flys are amazing because they really tax the chest muscles, making sure that you get those striations.
  5. Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press- Nothing pounds your upper chest more than the inclined bench press. You can opt for a barbell or a dumbbell for this exercise, but for the purposes of discussion, we will just go with dumbbells. Why? As mentioned before, dumbbells activate more stabilizer muscles than barbells. Opt to do inclined dumbbell bench press first before doing the barbell bench press.

These chest exercises, when done correctly and religiously, should help you get that robust chest you’ve always dreamed of, but I have a little bonus to give you as well.

I did mention earlier that you need to have a proper diet with the right kinds of exercises in order to get really good looking pecs, right? So in relation to the dieting part, always make sure to eat at least your body weight protein per day. That means that for every pound of your current weight, you will eat a gram of protein.

Say, for example, you weigh 180lbs, make sure you eat or drink protein supplements so you can reach 180 grams of protein a day. In just a few weeks or months, I assure you, you will get those really nice looking chests like the Hollywood actors.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and start doing these chest exercises!